A Good Job by TAFE NSI and WSI

Story from a father, James
I saw your web-site and wanted to contribute details of how wonderful TAFE (NSI and WSI) has been for my son, Andrew. He missed a full 3 years of high school due to cardiomyopathy, a heart transplant and post-operative complications. After this he enrolled at Hornsby TAFE where he completed a Certificate III, Cert IV and a Diploma in I.T. This was of enormous vocational and social value to him. He is now doing a Management course at the WSI TAFE Baulkham Hills campus.
The other half of our TAFE story is that Andrew's younger sister, came down with the same cardio-myopathy condition, and also required a heart transplant, despite this being a rare condition. Our daughter only missed one year of school. She is now completing Year 10, but in parallel has already completed six Statement of Attainment courses at WSI Richmond TAFE, in the Animal Studies pathway. She will be commencing Vet Nursing studies there in 2015.
So, our family has had a varied and extended involvement with TAFE for five years and at multiple campuses. We are strong advocates of TAFE.