Peter's Story

I enjoy studying at TAFE especially when it comes to the practical aspects of learning. Last year though things were really going downhill, I was struggling with depression and anxiety and finding it very hard to get through my coursework, particularly getting assignments done. I really struggled with motivation and whenever I sat down to do my TAFE work I found it very hard to concentrate. Often I only lasted for a few minutes until things my body seemed to need, like something sweet to eat or a rest overcame any thoughts I had to continue with my TAFE work – even though I had only eaten recently and was well rested. I felt really frustrated. I was getting down on myself and life was getting on top of me. I was beginning to wonder what the point of it all was.
I talked to my teachers about this and one of them suggested I get in touch with the disabilities unit – which I did.
I’ve found the coordinators and support teachers very helpful and am now getting through my coursework and getting my assignments done in good time. What I find very useful are the homework/tutorial classes where students registered with disabilities can go and get help with any TAFE work that they’re struggling with. They can also go there if they just need somewhere where they can go to do their homework and assignments.
My TAFE life is much improved since I got in touch with the disabilities unit and I can now see myself finishing my course. I am also enjoying life more generally as I feel I’m getting back on top of things.

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